Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Air Video - Realtime Video Conversion / Video Streaming

Air Video is a nice alternative to converting your movies before watching them. In layman's terms it involves opening a program on your pc that converts the movie in real time, while streaming over your wireless network. It really is a fantastic program.

The 'server' program which is installed on your PC is trivial at best.

The only thing which you are required to do is specify the directory or directories that you wish to be available from your iPad. This can actually be top level and you can use the iPad to locate media.

The app for iPad is equally as user friendly:
(C) Stuff.TV

The menu bar at the top allows you to easily navigate your computer's directories while it can also support multiple server: PC, Laptop, Netbook, Media Centre etc.

The server program gives the option to convert offline or 'live conversion'.

Through a month of testing I have found the quality to be reasonable, however it is rather grainy when plugged into a larger TV (32") through the VGA adapter (yes this works with it).

Nevertheless it is a fantastic bargain at less than 5 dollars/pounds.


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